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We specialize in
• Concrete        • Demolition
• Asphalt           • Striping
• Seal Coating  • ADA Compliance
• Masonry         • General Building Maintenance
JT Site Services provides concrete installation and repairs including concrete sidewalks, ramps, curbs, stamped and stained concrete, concrete restoration and repairs. Provides concrete services for reinforcing footings, constructing footings for walls and pads, building slabs and wall panels. From layout to grading to forms to finish, JT Site produces a warrantied quality product that is functional, stylish and cost effective.
JT Site Services provides asphalt paving for driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, etc. Asphalt concrete consists of mineral aggregates (stone) bound together with asphalt emulsion which is placed in layers and compacted to create a surface which can be used for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. JT Site assures that the asphalt is placed and compacted in proper lifts according to approved plans or by industry standards. Asphalt repairs with cold or hot asphalt mixes or patches are made utilizing methods and practices best suited for the existing condition of the damaged asphalt.
Seal Coating
JT Site Services provides seal coating for driveways, streets and parking lots or asphalt areas. Seal Coating preserves and protects the existing asphaltic surface by sealing the surface and small cracks with a liquid refined emulsion sealer. Crack filling machines spread a rubberized tar sealer to fill larger cracks in the asphalt to prevent water from penetrating into and below the asphalt surface. Seal coating slows oxidation, reduces water penetration, resists oil spills, revitalizes the appearance of the asphalt and allows for easier cleaning.
JT Site Services provides Masonry construction and repair of retaining walls, decorative walls and brick or stone facades. From building walls to repairing the brick or stone fascia on a building column or wall, JT Site will provide a quality product with a timely and cost-effective result.
JT Site Services provides demolition services of existing improvements including saw cutting of asphalt and concrete to complete demolition of structures and flatwork. JT Site will clean up and provide responsible hauling of debris and material to certified dump facilities.
Projects in need of painting or striping can rely on JT Site Services to utilize superior paints and equipment to ensure distinct and long-lasting results. Examples of striping projects include painting of parking stalls, handicap stalls, directional markings, ADA pathways, curbs and stenciling asphalt for high visibility areas such as fire lanes and loading docks.
ADA Compliance
JT Site regularly conducts site visits to properties to analyze site conditions and formulate construction of improvements utilizing current ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) regulations and standards. We can take a CASp (Certified Access Specialist Program) report and interpret the recommendations and associate costs to meet the client’s needs. We are experts at creating compliant ADA accessways for pedestrians and parking areas with proper signage, striping and miscellaneous improvements to comply with ADA standards.
General Building Maintenance
JT Site Services also works with Property Managers and Building Owners to provide general maintenance of facilities. These services include but are not limited to general construction items such as drywall installation and repair, painting, stucco repair, fascia and façade repair, plumbing, electrical and lighting work, HVAC repairs and other general interior and exterior services.

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